You wish to make discover The Villa La Ruche ? You wish to make a birthday present? A present for the Valentine’s Day, the Mother’s Day, fathers or simply to please …

We propose gift card personalized according to your wishes and your budget. Offer a stay in one of our 3 rooms: “L’Atlantique”, “Les Pins”, “Les Nuages”. From reception of your payment, a gift card will be sent to the address which you will have indicated us or you will receive it to put back to hand it to the beneficiary.

You can offer the present without knowing the dates of the stay.


If you wish a particular attention for the beneficiaries of the card, do not hesitate to us for example:

1/2 bottle of champagne, a bouquet of flower, a box of chocolate

All our cards are valid on 1 year

For period July, August we cannot guarantee the availability of the chosen room.

For more information or to make a request, do not hesitate to contact me.